ETERNAL LOVE  by Sharlet Liebel ©2009

The kind of love story that haunts me.

Do we know why it is that spirit-legends resonate in the psyche to a degree greater than those of tales of our next door neighbors?

Can it be that humans are prone to the phenomenon that Love is Eternal and always in the realm of Probability rather than that of Possibility?

I like to think so.



So, is it true that you are a self-professed happy-person? There you go! You state that your observations in the real world are contrary to Love is Eternal. You, also, state that you support the concept of “love” as an eternal value. GREAT! We have here a number of givens and I appreciate the depth of such discussion.

But instead of making statements, I’d like to present a dialogue wherein you can make-up your own mind whether or not the given belief that Love is Eternal is Probable rather than Impossible.

So, what is it that made you choose such a forward-looking and prophetic personality? Is it not HOPE! And if that is your attitude on life and living, then is not HOPE in your psyche? And I might wonder that your heart is lodged there somewhere in your reasoning. Right?

Is your psyche in tune with your reason? Then is your reasoning in tune with your heart? And, if so, then is it a Probability that you might believe that Love is Eternal based on your reason that identifies with your heart? As there is no reason to look for absolutes, and there might be to look for Probability, what is the value you now give to the Impossibility concept?


It is always helpful to me to look for the positive in a world of over-extended negativism. I’ve traveled the dusty, fork-to-the-right, fork-to-the left, roads of adversity.

When I give 100% and my partners block my efforts, I struggle to plant seeds of goodwill and move forward. I have been the business partner, the deliverer of ideas, bookkeeper, try-this, try-that, get your Contractor’s License, and star-catcher that says that when a business fails, dust yourself off and let’s look for another.

The marriage failed but the self-esteem remains. And who was the loser? “Not I,” said the little door mouse.


Now, let’s go with the “in-love” concept that is a mark of choice. Can one believe that there is only one person to love for each of us in this vast Universe? Can it be that we are not schooled in “love” and, therefore, cannot adapt to the unknown experience?

It’s a better guess that each relationship must grow beyond self-satisfaction. In doing so, two people who have respect for others will give that equal respect to their partners. Individuality is exciting and empowering and control of another’s beliefs and integrity is humiliating and imprisons partnerships and creates devastation not bonding.

“Don’t look at that handsome guy!” And,” Don’t argue with me!”

Respect is the key ingredient in the success and failure of relationships.


This post, in particular, was inspired by my reading of:


I wondered that love stories that haunt most of us are those told in spirit-legends ~ in this case the Native Americans. The connection I wanted to make is that it is in the nature of spirit-legends to believe that Love is Eternal and that the hero lives forever. In the hearts of those of us who believe in this phenomena, love abides in secret places of the heart.


Those who believe that Love is Eternal express the innate belief they might have learned to use wisely. In time, they will choose to fulfill all HOPE, partly because they are prepared for this adventure.

One studies and one learns what is right for them. Their travels will not be in vain. If they should catch the wrong train, which can happen, they will dust themselves off and continue the journey. Such belief gives out a bright halo, and it is especially found around people in their relationships.

True – that we can love many people. But, when our bright halo is all aglow for everyone we come into contact with, we send a genuine signal about believing that Love is Eternal. We advertise the WHO that is in our heart and soul, in our being, and in our constancy. We become the genuine article to everyone we meet. How does this affect others? Does it make them feel secure and loveable? Might it become an invitation for an eternity of togetherness? The promise is very attractive.


My own reason is derived from conversations with my God, whom others call their Higher Power. Thus when HOPE permeates my very existence, it is that my heart is in tune with my being.

Although we are ready for the pitfalls, and this because our HOPE is another’s dartboard, we can not enjoy Pleasant Dreams if we allow others to manipulate our joyfulness.

Assuredly, I will not give another human being permission to engage in an act contrary to my mystery and uniqueness.



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