Sharlet the Liberal Lass:

Defy Male & Female Chores

Well, now, didn’t you open a can-of-worms! I was raised the petite, feminine, little lady but with a feisty personality. Born in the South, I guess I saw “Gone With The Wind” every year that it was shown and grew-up thinking that I could do it all. My father was building and tearing-down at home and I loved playing in the curls of wood he planed. Lucky me, I married a man who could do like dear ol’ dad.

Years into our marriage, I raised the kids, did the P.R. for school projects, joined PTA projects, typed the script for the church Xmas play, drove miles back and forth picking up kids to get to our roofing office for billing and thank you letters, routing slips, and collections – then after dinner chores prepared the huge expected dinner for the following evening – all was just something that I did. Cannot deny that husband was a good provider and work was his passion.

Not out of character, I designed a pool and new bedroom and half bath, redesigned the ineffective kitchen, closing doorways and opening others, redesigned the original bedrooms for the kids, and became contractor buying permits and hiring painters and workmen.

Chapter 2 – Divorce and ordered paneling and 2 x 4’s to build a surrounding walled-in bedroom for myself to give the kids [ in an apartment I’d rented] their own rooms. Of course, no nails went into apartment walls. The wood and paneling became false structures as in a stage setting and dowels were strung to become clothes closets and sound-proofing between the living room and my bedroom.

Much later, bought an old house with bungalow that I reroofed hauling a bundle at a time of asphalt shingles to the roof. Back porch light had to be rewired and replaced. Built and attached porch–divider between main house and bungalow with temporary roof to house furniture (patio furniture for which I had started a business). Skill saw jamming was my downfall and halted progress when I broke-through a porch wall to enlarge the living room. Here, I also broke the ball-joint in my right shoulder.

Am into tearing-out and rebuilding to this day.. Latest project: hauled building blocks a few at a time to build a porch flush with the sliding front door.


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