PHILOSOPHY ~ Letter to a friend

By Sharlet Liebel ©2008

I think it’s inspiring that you question and search for meaning as I do! Perhaps we’re a special breed ~ LOL!   Let me say that I’ll be driving along on the freeway with my daughter questioning the Edison windmills and how they connect to our power plants and she’ll be amazed that I can think of so much to think about!

As children we had an enormous curiosity and then we became educated with information that was developed for our good. There are teachers that want us to learn from them and there are teachers that merely want an audience and they talk “at” us!

Philosophy interested me very early in my childhood. I have to think it may go back to the days when my dad insisted that I read the Children’s page and, for the life of me, I didn’t understand a word of it.  Then he insisted that God was for people who needed a crutch and that contradicted all my beliefs and those of everyone I knew.

I was lucky to take my only Philosophy class from a professor who wished to share his knowledge and who had written the text we studied. He had humility and knowledge… what a great combination!  Still, I struggled through the entire class never really sure I would pass the course.

For the most part, the class was a class of inquiry and for every question one of us made the instructor asked another student to comment on the comment!

When I read the writings of the Great Philosophers and even the Minor Philosophers, I try to get in their heads. Think of the times they lived in. Experience the teachers they had. Reflect on the politics as they knew it.

Then I read the commentaries written about them by scholars of their day, and others that followed, which most of this is contained in one volume in most libraries.

My guess is that most of us can skip formal classes and jump right in and enjoy several journals on our own.

These are my suggestions for you, in earnest. And, if you venture to take another Philosophy 101, check out the personality you’re dealing with and move to another class if more compatible.

One more thing, you are totally in control of the mysteries that intrigue you. You are human so you then have reason, right? As for soul and spirit ~ these are innate and who is better equipped to search these miraculous answers about yourself than you are!

God’s blessings ~


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