Poet Charlotte Liebel Writes ‘Counting Granules and Lofty Dreams’


By Charlotte Liebel © 2008

Counting granules in the sand

In my hand today

Calling me are seagulls

As I edge their way

Browns and whites drink water

Grooming wings displayed

Jetty splashed with ocean

Mist and waves give sway

Sun is setting early nights and

Birds fly in again

They don’t mind that I’m around

And passers by begin

Lofty dreams do spin and weave

Hark, the distant fame

Dressing down my top and jeans

I’m swimming out again

Salt and sea have drenched my legs

Dewy eyes are near

Singing softly tunes of love as

Feathered friends appear

Foamy ripples, waves of blues

Brilliant whites and grays

Newby bathers dash about toward

Seagulls as they play

Counting granules in the sand

In my hand today

Dreaming of an Angel

Lifting me away.


About Charlotte M. Liebel

Author - #Writing #Reviews #Blogging #Poetry #Psych 'Journey To The M.A.Degree' | http://amzn.to/NWETrY | http://Sharliebel.Wordpress.com | http://SharliebelReviews.Wordpress.com | https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteM.Liebel.Author
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