Charlotte M Liebel writes under the name of @Sharliebel at Twitter  and is also known as Sharlet. She enjoys many genres of reading and writing and hopes these pages and posts will entertain you.
What you will read are articles and stories written about philosophy, essays, poetry, literature, news, theatre, book and movie reviews.
Love Poems: A Book of Poems [Dedicated to the Dream of Love] ~ [pen – Fawls] is a vintage booklet that sells at Abe Books. Her current book: Journey to the M.A. Degree (2010) can be ordered as eBook and softcover at all major booksellers.
Charlotte was an Actor in New Orleans Little Theatre and Jester’s Pasadena Theatre. She had a gig in Nagoya, Japan, as  P.R. manager for a daughter who sang. She was active in past PUBLIC RELATIONS [aka Foulk] Radio & Print formerly for Pasadena Festival of Arts and KEZY Radio. Currently, she supports Non-Profits, Education & Literacy. Charlotte’s artistic endeavors include self-taught Sketching of charcoal portraits and oil paintings.

About Charlotte M. Liebel

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