POETRY ~ Life at Age Sixteen

Life at Age Sixteen
By Charlotte Liebel  © 2008

How beautiful is life
At age sixteen, for some – Perhaps me.

As I recall, I dressed for the ball. A shoe caught the lace of my dress
I fell, embarrassed and disgraced.
I was an angry mess.

More encounters, I experienced, some were good and others not.
But, what of it, I thought.
Life’s not over yet.

Bravely living is genetic – Mom and Dad gave life a run,
She was a riveter, he a mariner.
Oh, what a year that was.

Seeking, hoping, praying, writing, coping, even as I winced,
My desire to be a mother, have a family,
Certainly, meet my handsome prince.

Little time I’d spend in knowing, thoughts allowed for philosophy.
Asking questions – ever growing
Who  am I, where is the real me?

Please me, tell me I can do it! What does it matter – I love to learn.
Lead me to a finer future
Only, support in me the inner one.

How beautiful is life
At age sixteen, for some – Perhaps me.


About Charlotte M. Liebel

Author - #Writing #Reviews #Blogging #Poetry #Psych 'Journey To The M.A.Degree' | http://amzn.to/NWETrY | http://Sharliebel.Wordpress.com | http://SharliebelReviews.Wordpress.com | https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteM.Liebel.Author
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