Next, the U.S. Government will require a permit to CARRY the cell phone in the car.  Most responsible drivers have an excellent device to make their cell phone hands-free.

Is this another ploy to charge License Fees and Driver Fines?  The question begs to answer the need for Government Intervention for Cell Phone Rules and Regulations. The very idea is unwarranted and in all things uncivil. 

For everyone’s safety, drivers must continue safe practices and to support driving diligence that demonstrates good judgment, mental alertness, and drivers’ education. 

Cell Phones are in the class of personal properties, desires, necessities, and choices. I consider their legal use as the likes of eating, sipping beverages, opening and closing windows, sitting on cushions, and location monitoring with GPS for Maps. Most Smart Phones are equipped with GPS.

The distraction over getting caught and ticketing for using the cell phone will cause mental anguish and contribute to negligence. Driving over the speed limit far outnumbers the dangers of unsafe driving while talking on a cell phone.

Ultimately, the U.S. Government will spend needless dollars to forfeit an individual’s freedom of expression. ‘We The People‘ ask our government to direct attention to jobs, wages, income, less taxes, budgets, and legislative choices to benefit citizens.

Civilians struggle to pay for and endure needless intervention without benefits. Is it any wonder drivers are distracted? Freeways are overcrowded, public transportation is inaccessible. School buses for our children to ride safely to school are losing funding.

Responsible parents are in touch with their children. Employees are late to work because of freeway traffic and phone ahead to report. Dental appointments are canceled due to an emergency. The automobile is our mobile residence.

Abide by rules, yes. Forfeit freedom, unconscionable. The cell phone is a life-style of necessity in our given society. The reasonable answer ~ non-negotiable.


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