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A recent article in the Psychology Today Magazine explains that evidence mounts in support of the premise that corporal punishment is detrimental to a child’s brain. ‘How Spanking Harms The Brain’ by Author Molly Castelloe, Ph.D. gives references to explain research findings.

This short excerpt covers the fallacy that spanking is good rather than evil: “Spanking gets quick results, but it doesn’t reduce the undesired behavior. In addition to detrimental physiological effects, it may also inflict lasting emotional damage that inhibits the learning process. Physical punishment undermines trust between parent and child and breeds hostility toward authority figures.”

Additionally: In a research report titled FACT vs. OPINION based on: Paddling and School Shootings from The Center for Effective Discipline, their ‘Studies show significantly more fatal school shootings took place in states that allow corporal punishment in schools.’


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  1. Robbyn says:

    Hi Charlotte,
    I’m reaching out to parent education sites in an effort to share a project that I am working on. Would you be willing to “like” our Facebook page called “stop spanking” to help prevent child abuse by discouraging spanking? We are working on producing a documentary on the negative effects of spanking and what we are learning from the neurosciences on brain development that makes it clear, we should never spank a child. Thank you and please spread the word!
    Robbyn Peters Bennett

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