WRITING: DRIVER SAFETY – Lap Dogs are Hazards

Lap Dogs are HAZARDS – If U Drive DON’T PET

Fines for drivers with lap dogs need to be added to distracted minds along with cell-phone texting. Not only is there a danger to drivers but consider the passenger.

Pets are as child-like distractions as are unrestrained children playing in the front seat.  Dogs see another dog and they bark and try to climb out of the window with owners to the rescue.

The driver making a right turn and/or exits a freeway ramp and is blind-sided. Possible errors of judgement arise from the dog’s body covering the right rear-view mirror. Another is a furry head that covers the inside rear-view mirror.

The car is rear-ended and the pet does a 100m hurdle into the windshield.  We love our companion pets. Restrain them in halters and seat-belts in the back seat.

Get creative and be safe! [link to photo]


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