Charlotte M. Liebel writes about Red Back Jumping spider.spiders.

Charlotte M. Liebel writes about Red Back Jumping spider.spiders.

A neighbor brought her black spider, a Red Back, to visit inside a covered mason jar, recently. Asking if I’d ever seen such an ominous specimen, I had to admit I had not.

Big surprise! I dragged the watering hose off the ground aiming it at my potted dwarf orange tree when the same or a cousin of the Red Back jumped on my left arm this week without so much as a howdy-do! I swatted the rascal off my arm with an angry right swing and it disappeared so quickly that I couldn’t follow. I have learned that this specimen is a Red Back jumping spider that lives in California. It is not as dangerous as it looks and less venomous than others.

I am not a particularly brave person and grit my teeth at spiders. So, it’s no wonder that at such times of intrusive spiders my curious mind has total recall. A military hunk once quickly backed out of the room by the quickest exit. And I looked with wonder.


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