In total disregard of the fear factor, I headed for the nearest learning center. Altering my mindset with accommodating entrance aplomb, I dressed in customary attire of working adults for the part of college real estate student at a Los Angeles Community College. In slim polyester slacks and office drab colors, my first nerdy registration was filed.


Let’s talk about shy! I grew tall in my fifth grade gym class when the teacher offered to award A’s to all students taking front-line positions. This meant that all others could stand behind their chosen captain. The six confident captains, all smiles, looked around to acknowledge their teams. Thinking about my volleyball, football, swimming, and running skills embarrassed me. I had none of these. Students were still choosing a leader. To the best of my knowledge, I could just as well run for captain.


The whistle blew. I looked straight ahead.The top of my head above the hairline to the ground was just 4 feet and my weight was about 89 pounds. I stood in front, as expected, stoic and proud with the other prospective team captains. Had I been hopeful? Yes. Did I die of shame? Not at all. My A was my reward.


Set standards. Reach for the goal. That is all it takes. Results of positive, personal experiences are stepping stones for future successes.  It is up to the individual.   


Rather cheeky for the age-defying adult to challenge campus life. It is a lonely road. In ordinary life, setting winning goals can prove rewarding. Moving forward with a goal is always a challenge. Graduation would be in the future.


It is no secret that my grandparents were pioneers of early Bed and Breakfasts, residential house painters, antique sellers, and other entrepreneurial enterprises.


Education takes different wiring curves for goal seekers. Reinvention by my dad, an avid reader and woodworking enthusiast, wired him to become a mechanical project inventor. My mom, a creative visual learner, looked at living flowers and designed her huge project of artistic artificial flowers for a major Mardi Gras parade float in New Orleans.


The dream cannot be ignored. Imagination is thought to become the child, the teen, the young adult. However, under the wiring there is a lifeline to the brain for individual achievement. The never-ending hope while mind and body are healthy under the willfulness of the functioning brain is that ability to achieve success is in the mind of the beholder.

Let each of us recognize our worth and continue moving forward. We take the challenge because we can. We blame none but ourselves for failing to try. Therefore, we might succeed if we try to reach for the goal. Go for the A’s.


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