Anger gripped me like shooting darts before my eyes. All were targeted. Standing at the door of desperation to place my dearest furry member of my family with another loving family ~ thoughts bolted into possibilities.


I flew high in a parachute to imagine that local Animal Hospitals would help me by posting my poster on their bulletin boards. My poster could do this. Finding a dozen hospitals was my goal.

People who visited hospitals with their treasured friends might see my darling’s face on the bulletin board and call me. Coco, the sweetest chocolate female Labrador Retriever in my life, had the best chance of being seen by dozens who yearned to give another dog a home.

Coco could sell passes to a children’s event. She sat so calmly looking into the camera with her dark round eyes of love. Now, I have flashback dreams of Coco resting her head into my right arm, softly pushing against me, seeking hugs and pettings as I try to type. Her floppy ears are partially nestled. I cannot resist. I stroke her face and she closes her eyes.

Anxious but steady, I bared my heart in personal terms to a desired audience on It took hours to compose an articulate, marketable poster of warm fuzzy feelings. Talents, and common traits and habits that were common to my dog did totally describe her. “Coco is intelligent, learns commands quickly, bonds easily, swims in a pool, enjoys exercise and chasing after a tennis ball.”

It gave me truth. It gave me purpose. The vision went live as a poster. My next step was to find Veterinarians and Hospitals in a well defined area. My yellow pages were five year old books but most buildings would be the same and only doctors changed. I searched for names with email addresses.  It had been a tedious day.

Some of the sites opened to text only messages. Only a couple opened to print Coco’s photo. Email addresses were hidden with contrived message links. Names were not given. My only hope was to enter a ‘contact’ area and post my request that asked, “Can you help?”

The activity could not fail. It became the catalyst that enabled energy. Words of encouragement were whispered with positive hope. Excitement grew. Not only mine but   those who shared the vision and moved it forward. All of us flew in the face of daring to hope for success. Not only those at the hospital but throughout the family network.

The next day, I was thrilled to have one sweet message returned personally to me by a hospital administrator who was encouraged to share my post with all her clients at a rather large facility. My efforts were rewarded. The vision opened into a wild and wonderful adventure. The parachute had landed safely and the darts were no more.

Coco was placed, within a week, in a spacious two-acre property with a pool. WOW!          



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