THE TROPHY DOME: UNDER STARRY SKIES by Charlotte M. Liebel ~ Remember the senseless romantic dance?


Take the tune of “Don’t Fence me in!” Reminiscing about one of the senseless romantic dances mature men try to play throughout their boyhood delusional days.  Most of the time women will dance to the tune a couple of years. How does it work?

It’s a good guess that women have learned more steps, heard more stories, lied, been lied to, and communicated their intentions through more channels than a man. We are talking about a favorable relationship. Two years running.


Funny how the wolf sees and hears no resistance to his premise that he needs no intention to establish future roles in mind with his soul-mate. However right this seems to him doesn’t mean squat to her. If she is interested in a future with him, there is no doubt she can work it out by degrees.


Just to level the playing field, the lady takes the challenge for a number of years agreeable to her alone. If and when it doesn’t work out she’ll leave.  “Thanks for the Memories.”

Here is a mild train wreck if there ever was one.  Can you guess who is in charge?






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