THE ORANGUTAN DOME: UNDER TELEPATHIC VOICE ~ by Charlotte M. Liebel ~ In a rustic garden…



“Excuse me Sir,” said Lisa to the Orangutan as she sat at the far end of his rustic garden bench. “I’ll not sit long. It’s just that you look so comfortable and I am so exhausted having lost my way in your lovely garden paradise.”




Noticing that the Orangutan appeared relaxed gave Lisa confidence to share her thoughts about her admiration of his kind. “Surely, you’re not Brian but you might have run into him sometime. There’s a gentle love between Brian and his rescuer named Brian Matthews that I read about in an article of DISCOVER LIFE dot com. The dear man is about to embark on a journey to find his young friend.”


Having no wish to seem pushy, she paused a moment. As her story seemed urgent and necessary, she cleared her throat and proceeded with this one-sided conversation that appeared to receive encouragement. The Orangutan turned his head to face Lisa nodding and as he did so his bottom lip turned inside out revealing lots of pink skin from inside his mouth. At this phase of their communication, Lisa became encouraged.


In this intimate moment, she said, “Sir Orangutan, I can only imagine that you belong to someone much loved as Brian’s friend. It touches my heart that your bright red coat looks well-groomed and shiny and your disposition is pleasant and kind.” Such a dear creature were her thoughts from out of the blue.


Thoughtfully continuing her message, before departing, Lisa felt she must try with all her mental powers to convey it by magic. Then she spoke in a telepathic voice that would get her point across and, now, Sir Orangutan could tell his friends about the love of many.


The join the Ape Alliance at Hope4Apes, an inspiring evening with experts in ape conservation – Chanee (Aurélien Brulé), Dr Birute Galdikas, Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Ian Redmond OBE, Dr Jo Thampson – hosted by Sir David Attenborough and with a panel discussion chaired by conservationist Mark Carwardine.

Where: The Lyceum, 21 Wellington Street, London WC2E

When: 7pm, 6 December 2010


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One Response to THE ORANGUTAN DOME: UNDER TELEPATHIC VOICE ~ by Charlotte M. Liebel ~ In a rustic garden…

  1. UPDATE: 27th September 2013
    Ape Alliance cordially invites you to a spectacular gala dinner celebrating the power of apes on screen. [SEE THE FLYER BELOW]

    The Savoy, London, 27th September 2013 at 7.00pm
    For tickets or more information:
    or call
    0117 962 5722

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