JOURNEY TO THE M.A. DEGREE ~ Charlotte M. Liebel

JOURNEY TO THE M.A. DEGREE Educational Psych & Literacy 2011 
 Charlotte M. Liebel / @Sharliebel

ISBN 978-1-4568-3270-4
Ebook 978-1-4568-3271-1

 The book is a memoir and educational guide to encourage and motivate adults to attend college.  Attending college can fulfill dreams of formal education for many individuals.  Hopeful people can spend fulfilling hours of learning when someone explains that everyone can earn a college degree. Now is the appointed time because it’s never too late for adults who are motivated.

I share a History of Mark Twain. The Literary and Creative Arts section features Poetry. Emotional & Social Development includes a course in Childhood Education: Self analysis. Numerous Website links provide quick access to online Libraries. A favorite Movie Review and a Business Promotional Flier are included.

Bonus: The 10-Lesson Series, is a complete English Literacy Composition Writing Course. The course is either teacher-taught or self-taught. The lessons are simple to follow with Website links. Authors and writers just beginning their career in writing get tips for developing characters and descriptions for story-play-poem ideas.

Description:  Composition Writing Series ~ Ten Lessons ~ Each lesson is a teacher planning guide and unique outline for developing adult-level college English reading and writing literacy. The Course Features are: 1) Designed to complete in one semester.  2) Perfect for second language students learning English.

Available at all Booksellers in Softcover and eBooks at reasonable prices.



2 Responses to JOURNEY TO THE M.A. DEGREE ~ Charlotte M. Liebel

  1. Mona Tippins says:

    Sharle! You did it! Congratulations. It sounds to me like you’ve got a winner.

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