THE ORANGUTAN DOME: UNDER TELEPATHIC VOICE ~ by Charlotte M. Liebel ~ In a rustic garden…



“Excuse me Sir,” said Lisa to the Orangutan as she sat at the far end of his rustic garden bench. “I’ll not sit long. It’s just that you look so comfortable and I am so exhausted having lost my way in your lovely garden paradise.”




Noticing that the Orangutan appeared relaxed gave Lisa confidence to share her thoughts about her admiration of his kind. “Surely, you’re not Brian but you might have run into him sometime. There’s a gentle love between Brian and his rescuer named Brian Matthews that I read about in an article of DISCOVER LIFE dot com. The dear man is about to embark on a journey to find his young friend.”


Having no wish to seem pushy, she paused a moment. As her story seemed urgent and necessary, she cleared her throat and proceeded with this one-sided conversation that appeared to receive encouragement. The Orangutan turned his head to face Lisa nodding and as he did so his bottom lip turned inside out revealing lots of pink skin from inside his mouth. At this phase of their communication, Lisa became encouraged.


In this intimate moment, she said, “Sir Orangutan, I can only imagine that you belong to someone much loved as Brian’s friend. It touches my heart that your bright red coat looks well-groomed and shiny and your disposition is pleasant and kind.” Such a dear creature were her thoughts from out of the blue.


Thoughtfully continuing her message, before departing, Lisa felt she must try with all her mental powers to convey it by magic. Then she spoke in a telepathic voice that would get her point across and, now, Sir Orangutan could tell his friends about the love of many.


The join the Ape Alliance at Hope4Apes, an inspiring evening with experts in ape conservation – Chanee (Aurélien Brulé), Dr Birute Galdikas, Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Ian Redmond OBE, Dr Jo Thampson – hosted by Sir David Attenborough and with a panel discussion chaired by conservationist Mark Carwardine.

Where: The Lyceum, 21 Wellington Street, London WC2E

When: 7pm, 6 December 2010

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THE TROPHY DOME: UNDER STARRY SKIES by Charlotte M. Liebel ~ Remember the senseless romantic dance?


Take the tune of “Don’t Fence me in!” Reminiscing about one of the senseless romantic dances mature men try to play throughout their boyhood delusional days.  Most of the time women will dance to the tune a couple of years. How does it work?

It’s a good guess that women have learned more steps, heard more stories, lied, been lied to, and communicated their intentions through more channels than a man. We are talking about a favorable relationship. Two years running.


Funny how the wolf sees and hears no resistance to his premise that he needs no intention to establish future roles in mind with his soul-mate. However right this seems to him doesn’t mean squat to her. If she is interested in a future with him, there is no doubt she can work it out by degrees.


Just to level the playing field, the lady takes the challenge for a number of years agreeable to her alone. If and when it doesn’t work out she’ll leave.  “Thanks for the Memories.”

Here is a mild train wreck if there ever was one.  Can you guess who is in charge?





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#EASY ~ SHARE ~ #KIDS #FUN #TEACH #WRITE and #PLAY ~ Parts of Speech- Autumn Sort

#KIDS  #FUN  #TEACH  #WRITE and  #PLAY ~ Parts of Speech- Autumn Sort

Students sort 24 cards into four groups of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.



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Want to Be Successful? Beware of End-of-the-Rainbow Thinking

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Our culture has been infected with a disease of distortion, what I’m calling “End-of-the-Rainbow-Thinking.” We can all be guilty of this. We see the mega-best-selling-indie, the New York Times best-selling author, the successful small business, the guy with the big house or the family who lives debt-free and we scope-lock on the end result as if this “success” POOF! erupted from the ether.

Reality television superstars, fluke mega-advances for first-time authors, and lottery-winners only reinforce this Get-Successful-Quick-With-No-Effort-On-Our-Part mindset.

The Kardashian Konundrum

A couple days ago, I was checking out at the grocery store and there is an entire issue of a magazine devoted to Kim Kardashian. Why? What has she contributed other than fodder for the gossip mill? Yet, these are the role models that, whether we like it or not, can infect how we view ourselves, our goals and what we seek to accomplish.

We must be mindful to…

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The word ‘cryptic’ represents mystery and confusion. In general, it means a set of words that holds secrets. Story titles have the ability to attract readers where content is brief therefore it serves a purpose. Satisfaction follows in the details of the story.

Before opening that can of worms, I think it’s fair to say that content is revealed by writers trying to make sense of a mystery. Politics has it’s own set of rules and reporters have a berry of a stew trying to unravel that type of secretive information for audiences. Criminals hold their own audience and investigative detectives delve deeply into thoughts of these devious minds to capture them.


Poets are mystery writers. They develop a unique approach to language. In addition, they are sensitive to their use of words and their approach is often to write ambiguous tales with a secretive understanding that many people will understand differently. These are the poets that can become famous because their secrets can speak to the masses.

If the poet is feeling melancholy then the atmosphere will undoubtedly drip moisture from clouds and mist the garden. Words will likely sound dramatic and reflect nostalgic feelings of the past. Reflective thoughts will be pronounced in dialogue reminiscent of Blanche the character in ‘Streetcar Named Desire’ who goes on and on about herself.  Her cohort expresses impatience and fights back. A visual appears reminiscent of Marlon Brando.

Something else that draws reflection in a book or a play is the art of creativity for it’s own sake. Herein, the author might easily be writing for their own enjoyment where critics better fear to tread. The language can sound melodic and flowery or sharp as tacks.

I recall working as secretary to the Personnel Officer who worked under the Captain of the  Naval Shipyard in Louisiana during one of the conflicts of war. Some of my duties were to write letters dictated by my boss for the Captain. On any given day, the Captain might want letters to show his authority or to show his humanity.

This was hard to predict so my boss would smoke his cigarette a few minutes and look around the open office and down the hallway for clues. He might as well have pulled out his Ouija board. If he looked nervous before leaving his desk, it was because he was close to taking a swig of whiskey from a small bottle he kept in his bottom drawer easily camouflaged with files. He never did.

Finally, upon his return from his rendezvous, he might say, “The Captain wants his letters ‘flowery’ today.”

This just goes to show that poets spring from all walks of life. I never learned if the Captain’s wife was responsible for his mood swings or the crew of the ships, docked at the rear of the building, were late serving lunch.


CRYPTIC: 1. mysterious in meaning; puzzling; ambiguous: a cryptic message. 2. abrupt; terse; short: a cryptic note. 3. secret

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Anger gripped me like shooting darts before my eyes. All were targeted. Standing at the door of desperation to place my dearest furry member of my family with another loving family ~ thoughts bolted into possibilities.


I flew high in a parachute to imagine that local Animal Hospitals would help me by posting my poster on their bulletin boards. My poster could do this. Finding a dozen hospitals was my goal.

People who visited hospitals with their treasured friends might see my darling’s face on the bulletin board and call me. Coco, the sweetest chocolate female Labrador Retriever in my life, had the best chance of being seen by dozens who yearned to give another dog a home.

Coco could sell passes to a children’s event. She sat so calmly looking into the camera with her dark round eyes of love. Now, I have flashback dreams of Coco resting her head into my right arm, softly pushing against me, seeking hugs and pettings as I try to type. Her floppy ears are partially nestled. I cannot resist. I stroke her face and she closes her eyes.

Anxious but steady, I bared my heart in personal terms to a desired audience on It took hours to compose an articulate, marketable poster of warm fuzzy feelings. Talents, and common traits and habits that were common to my dog did totally describe her. “Coco is intelligent, learns commands quickly, bonds easily, swims in a pool, enjoys exercise and chasing after a tennis ball.”

It gave me truth. It gave me purpose. The vision went live as a poster. My next step was to find Veterinarians and Hospitals in a well defined area. My yellow pages were five year old books but most buildings would be the same and only doctors changed. I searched for names with email addresses.  It had been a tedious day.

Some of the sites opened to text only messages. Only a couple opened to print Coco’s photo. Email addresses were hidden with contrived message links. Names were not given. My only hope was to enter a ‘contact’ area and post my request that asked, “Can you help?”

The activity could not fail. It became the catalyst that enabled energy. Words of encouragement were whispered with positive hope. Excitement grew. Not only mine but   those who shared the vision and moved it forward. All of us flew in the face of daring to hope for success. Not only those at the hospital but throughout the family network.

The next day, I was thrilled to have one sweet message returned personally to me by a hospital administrator who was encouraged to share my post with all her clients at a rather large facility. My efforts were rewarded. The vision opened into a wild and wonderful adventure. The parachute had landed safely and the darts were no more.

Coco was placed, within a week, in a spacious two-acre property with a pool. WOW!          


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In total disregard of the fear factor, I headed for the nearest learning center. Altering my mindset with accommodating entrance aplomb, I dressed in customary attire of working adults for the part of college real estate student at a Los Angeles Community College. In slim polyester slacks and office drab colors, my first nerdy registration was filed.


Let’s talk about shy! I grew tall in my fifth grade gym class when the teacher offered to award A’s to all students taking front-line positions. This meant that all others could stand behind their chosen captain. The six confident captains, all smiles, looked around to acknowledge their teams. Thinking about my volleyball, football, swimming, and running skills embarrassed me. I had none of these. Students were still choosing a leader. To the best of my knowledge, I could just as well run for captain.


The whistle blew. I looked straight ahead.The top of my head above the hairline to the ground was just 4 feet and my weight was about 89 pounds. I stood in front, as expected, stoic and proud with the other prospective team captains. Had I been hopeful? Yes. Did I die of shame? Not at all. My A was my reward.


Set standards. Reach for the goal. That is all it takes. Results of positive, personal experiences are stepping stones for future successes.  It is up to the individual.   


Rather cheeky for the age-defying adult to challenge campus life. It is a lonely road. In ordinary life, setting winning goals can prove rewarding. Moving forward with a goal is always a challenge. Graduation would be in the future.


It is no secret that my grandparents were pioneers of early Bed and Breakfasts, residential house painters, antique sellers, and other entrepreneurial enterprises.


Education takes different wiring curves for goal seekers. Reinvention by my dad, an avid reader and woodworking enthusiast, wired him to become a mechanical project inventor. My mom, a creative visual learner, looked at living flowers and designed her huge project of artistic artificial flowers for a major Mardi Gras parade float in New Orleans.


The dream cannot be ignored. Imagination is thought to become the child, the teen, the young adult. However, under the wiring there is a lifeline to the brain for individual achievement. The never-ending hope while mind and body are healthy under the willfulness of the functioning brain is that ability to achieve success is in the mind of the beholder.

Let each of us recognize our worth and continue moving forward. We take the challenge because we can. We blame none but ourselves for failing to try. Therefore, we might succeed if we try to reach for the goal. Go for the A’s.

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