By~Charlotte Liebel ©2009

In Psychological Studies, we learn that all characters in our dreams are ourselves. Often, we solve our problems when we dream. I can’t be sure if I solved all my childhood problems but some were scary… and we didn’t even have TV in those days.

In my adolescent years, I slept on my side so that anyone trying to stab me with knives and hiding in the crawl space under the bed might miss stabbing me. This was probably due to table-talk with Dad who taught me by telling stories about hunters killing animals for food.  Cannibals’ eating habits might have been part of another story in evolution.

I, also, had dreams of trying to scream and had no voice. Attackers would run after me and I had nobody to help me.  It wasn’t until I thought to call my “friends” Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, and other cartoon characters, to help me scream and hide that I overcame such dreams. My brother, a year younger than I, was my sole companion in early childhood and we were not allowed to play with the neighbor children.

I dream in color most of the time but that doesn’t seem to be an issue in understanding and identifying what my dreams are revealing.  As an adult, after careful consideration of people, personal problems, and events on TV, I can better understand my areas of concern. Disagreements with news articles are dealt with on-the-spot.  With the greatest of intentions to write an opinion and send it to the newspaper editor, I will scribble notes in the margins of the disdainful article.  More often than not, I have solved my frustrations by writing the solution for my aggravated psyche and the matter ends.

I would recommend that many more people would sleep better if they developed a method of relieving their anger and the stress associated with bad dreams by writing.

In my early years, Dad taught me Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and that belief in God was a crutch for the weak minded. I had a problem with that. In fact, Evolution and God’s Creation are compatible theories, as he later learned.

However, Dad did teach a valuable lesson. Listening and deciding for oneself on all issues is not the same as listening and accepting another’s ideas for oneself. We have every right to disagree. Because I was a child and my education was incomplete, my dreams gave me cause to have nightmares. These days, dreaming is a positive experience that helps me to resolve and calm my senses. My beliefs are protected. 



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