Run-Away Tweeter Parakeet

Very scary! WOW! My parakeet’s loose in the kitchen!

As soon as I heard little flapping wings, I turned away from the the stove and ‘flew’ into action waving and swatting…and it was chase-me catch-me time! My parakeet, Baby-Sugar-Tweeter, was too fast for me. She kept flitting above my head in circles as I tried to keep her from falling onto the stove.

Then she disappeared from view. I really went nutty, then.  I called and called for her ~

‘Baby, Baby, come here! Where are you, Baby?’ …down to the floor, I went, on hands and knees – up to impossible destinations…looking and softly speaking to encourage my Tweeter to surface!

I was so frantic ~ believing I’d find her fried. I  looked in the oven..twice.., in dishes, between crevices, sink, floor… Oh-Baby

Finally, I heard a tiny chirp and I was so thankful. ‘She’s alive!’ But where is she? I kept looking as she still was not visible. In another minute she got her second wind and flew up to the shelf of the curtain rod where I could see her perched!

Thank God…but it wasn’t over yet.  I reached for my fly-swatter and waved it at her. Winded after so much exercise, she flew over to the table. Relieved, my hand came down with a gentle hold on my parakeet ~ then I stroked her head and body as I managed to coo lovingly into her face.

Lifted her. Then I walked down the hall with her to have her see her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Here’s where I decided I had to clip her wings…no more of this nonsense…too dangerous…FOR ME…!

We cuddled and played for several minutes at the sink. I gently patted wet fingers over her tiny body as she chirped to her reflection.

Baby-Sugar-Tweeter looked at her cage in the living-room but seemed to prefer sitting on my fingers. I agreed it was a good idea. For another half-hour we mellowed-out with chats and chirps as I sat comfortably in my overstuffed chair balancing my baby and watching TV.

Luv my Baby parakeet …can you tell.



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