Sharlet Liebel (c)2009


I set the alarm to go off early but the darn batteries went dead. I wake up as the garbage truck backs-up, giving warning sounds. Rushed, I dress and barely get a pot of coffee started. Grab a couple of slices of bread and slap peanut butter and jelly on them. Wrap the snack in a napkin and push it into the top of my purse. Open the kitchen door. Squeeze past the puppy.

At the car. Realize I’ve forgotten something. Open the car door and rush back for coffee. The door swings open and puppy runs past to jump in the car. Frazzled. I reach in to grab the pup with my left arm. Holding the cup of hot coffee with my right one. Splash! Mush! I dig my heel into the gravel, it breaks, and I lose my balance.  Going down, I attack a handful of peanut butter and jelly, and wipe coffee off my face. Now, I’m mindless on the ground with puppy licking my face.

My ankle doesn’t feel strong and I don’t think anybody will buy my story. I hobble up the steps, open the kitchen door, and puppy runs past me. I pour a cup of coffee and sit at the kitchen table dialing my boss. “Sorry I can’t get in today as I just slipped down the back steps and sprained my back.”

A Labrador Retriever puppy leaps through the grass.


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